200 Wicks with metal board, length 70 mm (TL-hoch-0200)
200 Wicks with metal board, length 70 mm (TL-hoch-0200)

200 Wicks with metal board, length 70 mm (TL-hoch-0200)

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3-5 Days within Germany 3-5 Days within Germany  (abroad may vary)
0.105 kg per piece
8,50 EUR
4,25 EUR per 100 pieces

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Rapeseed Wax for candle casting
Rapeseed wax pellets. Rapeseed is made by using rapeseed oil, content 90 % hardened rapessed oil and 10 % other waxes (without animals products and petroleum-products)
Colour: Whitish

Solidification interval: 54-58°C
Dropping point: 57-61 °C
Recommend casting temperature: 62-65 °C

Suitable for candles in containers (e.g. tea light candles) and for other candles.

Attention by using the correct wick number
For tealight with diameter 4 cm and 6 cm, on can use the same normal tealight wick with metal plate for beeswax, which you find on our homepage.
Table candle need wick no. 2 by using rapeseed wax.
If you find other candles on your side, the wick no. is recieve to beeswax. For using rapessed wax, take on size smaller.
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