Formen: Taufkerze - Kommunionskerze

Formen: Taufkerze - Kommunionskerze

Attention: High silicone moulds with a small diameter can lean and overturning. Therefore we deliver this kind of candle moulds include a casting pipe. Additionally to put in the mould into the pipe, you need a separation foil. Pipe and Foil are also include in the price. 
Put the wick into the mould. Wind the separation foil to the mould. Put the winded mould into the casting pipe Add the wick holder to fix the wick. Now the mould is ready to film with wax

Mould: Baptism Church Communion Candle (F-40-4-glatt)

Silicone-mould for a smooth candle (for baptism, church, communuin)

Silicone-mould with wick holder, wick needle, foil and pipe

Height x diameter: 40 x 4 cm
Candle weight: 420 g

Wick number: 4 (for Beeswax)
87,90 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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