Golden Alu bowls 100 pieces (Alu-100-GOLD)
Golden Alu bowls 100 pieces (Alu-100-GOLD)

Golden Alu bowls 100 pieces (Alu-100-GOLD)

Product No.:
3-5 Days within Germany 3-5 Days within Germany  (abroad may vary)
0.075 kg per piece
2,50 EUR
2,50 EUR per 100 pieces

incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs

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Beeswax- yellow
Cleaned beeswax pellets, yellow wax

Solidification interval: 61-65 °C
Dropping point: 61-65 °C
Recommend casting temperature: 72 °C
Suitable for candles in containers (e.g. tea light candles) and for other candles.
16,50 EUR
16,50 EUR per kg
Mould: Ball with grooves (F-W-38)

Silicone mould: Ball with grooves

Mould with wick holder and wick insert needle

Candle: Height x diameter: 6 x 6,6 cm, Candle weight: 120 g
Our wick number: 8 (for Beeswax)

31,60 EUR
Tealight mould for 3 BIG-tealights (3 different flower motives)
Silicone-tealight mould (for 3 tealights with 3 different flower motives)
with Pins for the mould an instructionn (Delivery without candle)

(ATTENTION: Dimesionally stable tealights for our alu bowls only by using of 100 % besswax)

ATTENTION: Tealight 58 x 25 mm, 50 g

35,00 EUR